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The DKSB is open to all. We offer individual services to everybody starting from the children upto the grandparents. Our local associations vary greatly. In some cities we have large organizations with more than a hundred full-time staff, offering wide range of services. This also includes Family Advice Centres where we offer counselling for different problems with physical, mental, and sexual abuses as well as the early intervention programmes and day care centres. In some cities we have small local associations working solely on a volunteer basis, for example: helping the school children with home-work and different activities such as swimming, cooking, painting, different types of sports as well as second-hand clothes shops and holiday programmes. Whether large or small, all associations work according to the DKSB guidelines and serve the mission of helping people to help themselves.

We shall present a few of these services in more detail:

Beratungsstellen - Advice centres
Our advice centres work on a voluntary and confidential basis. They offer reliably effective assistance and provide support in difficult situations. If necessary they also refer the families to other helping centres for special support.

You can find more information on our local advice centres (in German) here:

Kinderhäuser BLAUER ELEFANT® - BLUE ELEPHANT Children´s houses:
The Kinderhäuser BLAUER ELEFANT® provide a range of services for children and families that are all located under one roof. Primarily, the houses serve as contact centres for children, youths, parents, and guardians who are seeking support. Here, children and their families find a range of different counselling and care services along with numerous leisure-time and holiday programmes that are open to all comers, regular organized group activities, and much more. Some houses also have second-hand clothes shops and provide family support services. In addition, the Kinderhäuser BLAUER ELEFANT® serve as an important local lobby for promoting the DKSB’s child policy.

You can find further information on our Kinderhäuser BLAUER ELEFANT® (in German) here:

Kinderschutz-Zentren - Child Protection Centres:
Child Protection Centres offer advice and counselling for families suffering from violence – in particular, physical and mental child abuse, child neglect, and sexual abuse. The mission of Child Protection Centres is to prevent and avert these types of violence in the family by addressing their causes. They develop and apply their own special assistance programmes and refer families to other agencies when needed.

You can find further information on Child Protection Centres (in German) here:

Starke Eltern - Starke Kinder® - Strong parents – strong children:
Starke Eltern – Starke Kinder® is a parenting course for all mothers and fathers who do not just want to gain more satisfaction from bringing up their children but also want to be more confident about how they are doing it. The DKSB assists parents with courses on childupbringing and managing everyday family life. In Germany, courses are offered in different languages such as Turkish, Russian, and Italian. They have been so successful, that they are now also available in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, South Tyrol (Italy), and South Korea.

You can find further information on our Starke Eltern – Starke Kinder® courses (in German) here:

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