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Hackedicht – Schultour der Knappschaft - Binge drinking school tour - prevention program:
Hackedicht – Schultour der Knappschaft is a nationwide joint prevention project set up by the Knappschaft health insurance organization together with the DKSB. Its mission is to visit schools throughout Germany and make young people aware of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol.

You can find further information on the project (in German) here:

Firewall Live:
Firewall Live is another nationwide prevention project. It has been launched to show school children how to handle social networks competently and safely. By delivering media courses at secondary schools, Firewall Live’s mission is to empower members of the young Internet generation and enable them to protect themselves from the risks of being online. They find out how to recognize risks, how to assess them better, and how to deal with them appropriately.

You can find further information on the project (in German) here:

„Wir Kinder haben Rechte“ und „Zeig uns deine Rechte“ - “We children have our rights” and “Show us your rights”:
As part of the campaign ‘Wir Kinder haben Rechte [We children have our rights]’, the DKSB is working together with the ROLAND insurance company in offering comprehensive teaching aids and brochures to teachers who want to teach children about their rights. In addition, in 2011 and 2012, the ROLAND toured schools in Germany together with DKSB experts using games and events to inform children about their rights. In 2014, ROLAND insurance together with the DKSB organized a nationwide children’s rights competition for school children called ‘Zeig uns deine Rechte [Show us your rights]’. We presented ten children’s rights and asked children and youths to tell us what role these rights play in their daily lives, why they are important, and where they consider these rights are not being taken seriously or even infringed.

You can find further information on ‘Wir Kinder haben Rechte’ (in German) here:

You can find further information on the campaign ‘Zeig uns deine Rechte’ (in German) here:

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